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Systems Engineering


The Systems Engineering Program of Universidad del Magdalena trains competent engineers who are based on knowledge and disciplinary standards with high ethical standards, in order to propose solutions based on information technology, innovate, lead and participate in projects in the different areas of society that impact their region and the country to improve the quality of life of the communities.


By 2023, the Systems Engineering Program will be recognized for its high quality in its academic, research, social projection and internationalization processes, the appropriation of a pedagogical model centered on the student, the use of state-of-the-art information technologies in its different activities, the integration with different sectors of society, the positioning of its graduates in the contribution to research, innovation and productive development with social responsibility.

Organizational Chart


A continuación se presenta el organigrama del programa de Ingeniería de Sistemas



  1. Proyecto Educativo del Programa de Ingeniería de Sistemas PEP
  2. Reglamento Estudiantil
  3. Plan de Estudios
  4. Acuerdo Académico No. 041 de 2017
  5. Circular No. 01 de 2018