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Business Administration


Train professionals with solid disciplinary and humanistic foundation, competent to participate in the transformations of the social environment of their city, the Caribbean Region and the country, through companies, new ventures and business opportunities.


To be a program accredited by high quality in 2019. Recognized as a trainer of business leaders, a program with academic, investigative and practical importance, recognized for its contributions to the economic, political and social development of the Caribbean Region and the country and for having a committed and qualified teaching team.


The Business Administration Program was born at the University of Magdalena in 1970, under the name of Agricultural Administration at technological level, along with the Agricultural Economics Program, the University sought to respond to the needs of qualified personnel required by the social, economic and business dynamics of the region during that time.

In November 1981 under the President Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala government, the Law 60 passed; through this measure, the Business Administration is recognized as a profession of a higher level and scientific nature in Colombia. On that provision, this discipline is conceived as the implementation of the elements and processes aimed at planning, organizing, directing and controlling all economic activity organized for the production, transformation, circulation, administration or custody of goods or for the provision of services.

Based on that regulation and on the Technology in Agricultural Administration program, in 1993 the Business Administration Program is organized with emphasis on Agricultural Administration, Financial and System Administration  and Tourism Administration; but due to several problems, among them the low demand for the traditional agricultural emphasis, it was only possible to offer and obtain graduates with emphasis in finances and systems.
It is from 1997 onwards with the financial and administrative sanitation of the University, that a curricular reform of the Program starts leading to the obtaining of the Registry before the ICFES - Ministry of National Education (MEN). At that time, the University through the Program set out to prepare the professionals of Business Administration as main actors in the development of the Region and the Country.

Later, in 2003, the program was adjusted again with the purpose of adapting it to the new dispositions that the University had drawn up for that time and additionally new components were introduced in the field of finance and marketing, thanks to these adjustments the program obtains its Qualified Registry for 7 years in 2005 (MEN Resolution No. 3057 of 2005).

Subsequently, other reforms were made in order to adjust curricular contents of institutional nature: general training and research training, content of the faculty cycle among others. The program made a comprehensive reform of the curriculum in order to update curricular content, to give greater weight to the disciplinary content of the administration, to strengthen interdisciplinarity with the other programs of the Faculty (Economics, Public Accounting, and International Business) and the flexibility of the curriculum. The MEN through Resolution No. 3961 of April 19, 2012 approved this reform.

On May 15, 2015, through Resolution 6977 of the Ministry of National Education MEN, the Business Administration Program of the Universidad del Magdalena was awarded the High Quality certification for four (4) years for having achieved sufficient quality levels according to the standards for higher education.

Since then, the Business Administration Program has continued the self-assessment process in order to achieve high quality standards, a task that has strengthened the academic and administrative processes, improving the shortcomings evidenced in the last self-assessment report.


According to resolution 6977 of May 15, 2015 of the Ministry of National Education MEN, the Business Administration Program was granted High Quality Accreditation for a period of four (4) years.

Since then we have been working in search of quality through the processes of permanent self-assessment, continuous improvement, innovation and compliance with national and international standards that allow us to renew accreditation for high quality.