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Business Administration

Professional profile

The professional of Business Administration of the University of Magdalena, must be a person sensitive to what happens in his territorial environment; must have information on the situation of the country, should provide the elements that allow him to relate this situation to the global context. He must be closely linked to changes in the labor market since the tendency is to demand professionals who identify, solve and arbitrate solutions to complex problems, typical of current and future times, experts easily adapted to changes in both productive sector, as well as the field of management.

Occupational profile

The Business Administrator of Universidad del Magdalena will be prepared so that through the excellent management of his competencies can create and direct organizations, guiding his management of leadership and teamwork to achieve the proposed objectives. The ability to understand, innovate and adapt to his social, political and economic environment will allow him to create or manage organizations in a globalized context and therefore guarantee their development and sustainability. The professional will be able to perform, both in the private sector, as in the public sector and in the field of social organizations or NGOs as they are currently called.

In the private sector, in guilds and companies at management levels, advice on decision-making processes and planning areas, with a broad field of performance, as long as he is committed to organizational development.