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Public Accounting


To educate high-quality public accountants with skills that allow them to grow and develop accounting sciences. All the above through disciplinary, comprehensive and interdisciplinary training. Professionals with curricular flexibility and foundation in values ??and principles in coherence with the investigative processes and the projection to the community.


In seven years, the Public Accounting program of the University of Magdalena will be a program accredited by high quality at regional and national level; characterized by its academic processes and the social commitment of its teachers, students, and graduates in the business and research fields internationally.


From 2000 or earlier, the University of Magdalena, in order to build up the development of the region, began to study the strengths and weaknesses of its environment to exploit the potential and improve the living conditions of its inhabitants using the academy as a driving force.

This same dynamic evidenced the need to offer a Public Accounting Program, attached to the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences. In the first instance, the institution decided to make an agreement with the University of Cartagena that has a trajectory and regional prestige in the discipline. In this agreement signed on August 18, 1999, the University of Magdalena undertook to develop the curriculum, profile, and guidelines for the degree that the University of Cartagena used, in addition to selecting teachers and financial management.

According to the above and after observing the community acceptance this academic proposal, the university decided to create the Public Accounting Program, in the first instance, the faculty offered only evening classes in order help the working population to complete their higher education studies. Later, on March 22, 2000, through the Higher Education Agreement 004, the institution created the public accounting academic program of professional training; subsequently the government assigned the code ICFES No. 121346570834700111200 for the night shift with 11 semesters and a curriculum approved by the Academic Agreement No. 033 of July 22, 2002.  "Which approves the Public Accounting program curricular development and organization".

Facing the Decree 2566 of 2003 "Which establishes the minimum conditions of quality and other requirements for the offer and development of Higher Education academic programs, and other dispositions issued", the Public Accounting Program began to work in the obtaining of the Qualified Registry that guarantees the minimum quality conditions for its operation. The university studied the curriculum and modified it for the third time, obtaining acceptance regarding the research axis.

After this event, the curriculum was modified again in 2012 based on the results of the self-assessment process to renew the registration, allowing the student flexibility in the choice of subjects to be taken per semester as well as strengthening the professional component.