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Internal Disciplinary Control Office

The Sole Disciplinary Code (law 734 of 2002), and the administrative act 017 of 2011 issued by the University of Magdalena, have as the main functions of the Office of Internal Disciplinary Control, the following: •Exercise the disciplinary function observing the procedure, the constitution, and the legal and regulatory norms. •Receive and process complaints of violations of the Constitution, the law and other regulations. •Advance the disciplinary action, preliminary inquiry, disciplinary investigation, the formulation of charges or the filing of the proceedings, in accordance with the rules and principles of the disciplinary procedure. •Know and fail in the first instance disciplinary processes against officials and former officials of the University. •Send the appeals filed against the decisions made to the second instance. •Impose the required penalties according to the legal provisions in force. •Plan the orders that accept decisions ordered by the Attorney General's Office.