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International Relations Office


Advice on International Cooperation Projects

Advice and information for access to calls and international projects that involve external mobilization of resources.

Addressed to: Students, Faculty and University staff.

Management of interinstitutional agreements

The IRO manages the subscription of national and international agreements. This includes the drafting, preparation and follow-up from the bilateral intention until its signature. We subscribe MOUs, MOAs and specific framework agreements with public universities or private institutions.

Addressed to: Faculty and University staff.

Coordination and language courses follow-up

The IRO leads the program called Cursos de Idiomas Conexión Global (Global Conexion Language Courses) which seeks to train as many students with excellent academic performance as possible, in the language required by different destinations. This, in order to allow greater access to calls for support for international mobility organized by the IRO, whose specific destinations are non-Spanish-speaking countries or where the language for academic activities to be developed is not Spanish.

Addressed to: Students.

Immigration procedures Advice

Counseling and information on migratory processes such as entry permits to the country, work permit and visas.

Addressed to: Students, Faculty and University staff.

Information and international medical insurance processing

Providing information and all the subsequent procedures for the international medical insurance issuance.

Addressed to: Students, Faculty and University staff.

Registration of incoming and outgoing mobility at the University of Magdalena

Keeping Records of mobility by collecting information with incoming and outgoing mobility forms. Also, preparing mobility statistics and making this information available to the university.

Addressed to: Students, Faculty and University staff.

Research Internationalization Consultantship

Advice on the Horizon 2020 programs of the European Commission and external calls related to research.

Addressed to: Research Faculty staff, Research Groups.

International Cooperation Projects Consultantship

Providing the public with advice and information about the access process to international calls and projects involving provision of external resources.

Addressed to: Students, Faculty and University staff.

Informate de las medidas transitorias de adaptación ante la contingencia generada por la pandemia del virus COVID19